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The Cost of Servicing a Home Lift

How much it costs to service your home lift will vary depending on several factors. Here are the questions you should be asking when you want to figure out the costs of home lift servicing:

  • Is there a specialised maintenance department that utilises qualified mechanics who can service your lift?
  • Is the company able to get the parts quickly or have the parts in stock that you need for servicing?
  • What is the expected servicing time?
  • What will be done during servicing?
  • Will there be a written report provided after servicing?
  • Are safety checks included in the servicing package? These need to be done annually, according to regulations, and are required for Section 32 when the home is to be sold.
  • Are mechanics and servicing available 24/7?

Lifts should be serviced at least once a year, as well as in accordance with the specification designated by the manufacturers. The service should cost anywhere from $500-$550. That total should cover the cost of office expenses, the written report, back-up services, travel time, the mechanic’s services for an hour and all necessary insurance.

A safety check is something that provides a lot of value for the customer, and with all the documentation and other expenses, it should come out to about $750-$800.

Servicing should be done about twice a year to ensure that your lift operates smoothly. To buy a package servicing deal that includes twice annual check-ups should run you between $900 and $1,000.

Hopefully, this information helps you to make an informed decision about servicing costs and who to choose for your lift service.

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