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The Cost of Installing a Home Lift

Lifts, like cars, cost more when they go faster and operate smoother. How much will you pay for a home lift?

There are two main categories of lifts- home and commercial lifts. Commercial lifts are far more expensive than home lift because of legal requirements attached to them. We’re going to cover the pricing for home lifts here in this guide.

Home Lift Pricing

Home lifts are used in single residence abodes where there are no areas that are shared with other buildings or dwellings. Home lifts don’t require large lift cabins, nor do they need fire-rated sliding doors. The pits that provide recess in the floor area can be very shallow, and they are able to fit under the majority of low headroom, which make them compatible with most ceilings.

Home lifts are going to move much slower, on the whole, than commercial lifts.

A lift for a two-level home that includes the basic finishes and economical swing doors would be about $35,000, not including GST. If you want a high-quality swing door lift, you can expect to pay $41,00 or more, plus GST.

When trying to determine the price, you need to consider the following issues:

  • Do I need a fast or slow lift? Make sure you get an actual speed for the lift company. For cheaper lifts, expect a travel speed of about 0.15 metres per second.
  • Does my lift need to be big enough to accommodate a wheel chair and a carer?
  • What finishes will come with the lift? Note that most lift manufacturers use stainless steel.
  • What finishes would be used for the doors? These could be glass, stainless steel or undercoated steel. Make sure you know what you are getting.
  • What controls will be used- Italian, Chinese, Swedish, or German? Where was the lift made? Some countries are known for producing unreliable mechanical products, and you may have trouble maintaining yours if it comes from one of those places. The cheap lifts are not always the ones with the most value.
  • You will have to factor in the cost of GST as well, though an exemption may apply to some home lifts. If the user is disabled and you can show proof, you may not have the pay the GST on it.
  • Commercial sliding doors offer greater speed and convenience, and for most home lifts with this type of door, you can expect to pay an additional $7,000-$9,000.
  • For larger lifts or those with a lot of speed, you can have a commercial lift put in place, but you will need to pay around $10,000 more for that kind of lift.

Before you decide on a manufacturer for your lift, try to visit a few different show rooms. It’s a good idea to go to at least three of them. That gives you a good notion of what kind of quality and price you can expect. You’ll be better able to pick what you need from what’s available.

If you would like to know more, then please contact us and speak to one of our professional customer service specialists. We can help you with pricing information and other queries you may have.

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