What Is Modernisation?

Lift Modernisation in the elevator industry refers to the process of adding to an existing lift’s features and capability as opposed to replacing it with a newer model. It can often be a good decision both financially and practically, providing benefits in terms of user experience as well as in terms of how long you can keep a consistently reliable model of elevator up to date.

Lift Modernisation – What are the types?

Lift Modernisation can involve the following:

  • Technical Upgrades – Upgrading the controller, traction machine, ropes, lift car door operator and automatic landing door headers.
  • Cosmetic Upgrades – Cosmetic upgrades can involve anything from adding a mirror, colour-back glass, timber, laminate panels to the lift car walls, marble/stone/ceramic floor tiling.

Tesla Lift Modernisation will help revitalise your elevators, improve the reliability of your lift and also improve the aesthetic appeal and value of your investment.

What Are the Benefits of Modernisation?

Benefits of Lift Modernisation

Modernisation offers several benefits to businesses, residences, and industrial buildings large and small. Here are some of the main reasons it’s worth considering modernising your existing elevator rather than replacing it entirely.

Lift Modernisation –  What are the Costs

Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually often more cost-effective to modernise an old lift rather than replace it entirely. There are several reasons for this, but the crux of the matter comes down to the fact that many of the recent technological innovations that have come about in the elevator industry are easily integrated with existing models.

    Lift Modernisation – Comfort and Convenience

    While taking an old elevator out and replacing it with a new one can be an extended process, modernising it instead is a lot more straightforward. You’ll be reducing the inconvenience for yourself, your business or home, and the users of your elevator, since they won’t have to be without a lift for nearly as long as they would if you were replacing your current model entirely.

    When Is Lift Modernisation a Good Idea?

    There are a few different ways you can tell that it’s time to throw in the towel and commit to modernizing your lift. Here are some of the sure-fire signs that your existing elevator is in need of a serious and lasting makeover:

    1. Cramped, Uncomfortable Interior

    If your elevator car is so small that your users need to pack themselves into it like sardines, you could probably do with an upgrade. It’s a problem that won’t go away on its own and indeed is likely to get even worse as time goes on. Moreover, if the interior itself is in poor condition, that could be another hint that it’s time to climb aboard the modernisation train.

    2. Consistent Downtime

    The more modern elevator solutions are significantly more robust than their more antiquated equivalents. If your lift spends a lot of time needed to be repaired, it could be a sign that modernising it is the way to go, as opposed to continuing sending in the maintenance crew to keep it ticking over.

    3. Uneven Levelling

    Plenty of people don’t realise it, but levelling is one of the most important aspects of any elevator solution’s functionality. It’s one of those things that you shouldn’t notice, ideally, because if you do notice it something has gone wrong. Levelling refers to how flush the floor of the elevator is with whichever floor it’s stopping at. Even a disparity of just a few inches represents a significant safety risk. If your lift isn’t levelling the way it should be, it’s probably high time to upgrade it.

    What Do We Offer?

    Lift Modernisation – What we bring to the table.

    At TESLA LIFTS, we have more than 80 years of combined experience in helping residential, commercial, and industrial customers to modernise their lifts. We only work with the most established and well-trusted brands in the industry, which gives us the edge over our competitors and has been a large part of the reason we’ve been able to provide excellent lift solutions for more than eleven years.

    We’ve worked on dozens of modernisation projects. Our process involves an in-depth research period during which we’ll analyse the way your current lift works and decide if it’s a good candidate for modernisation. Once we’ve made the decision together, we’ll then be able to advise you on exactly how best to modernise your elevator, prioritising cost-effectiveness and longevity to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

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    If you’d like to learn more about how our Lift modernisation solutions can help give your existing. elevator a new lease of life, get in touch with us today. A member of our friendly, experienced team would be glad to walk you through anything that’s still not completely clear.

    We can also provide a free quote for your next project. All we need from you are the architectural drawings of the lift specifications, and we’ll get right back to you with our best offer. When it comes to elevators, you need to make sure the job gets done right. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and beginning our professional journey together.

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