What Kind of Maintenance & Repairs Do Elevators Need?

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Elevators and lifts are pieces of heavy machinery, and with the passage of time wear and tear can take its toll on the way any given lift solution functions. In addition to the damage that gets done over the course of an elevator’s lifespan purely from the way it’s used, it’s also important to consider that from time to time lifts simply break down.

Lift Maintenance 101 – What is MTBF and what is its relevance.

The Meantime Between Failures – MTBF is dependent on the age of the elevator. The older the elevator, the lesser the MTBF. This means that with an older elevator, the lift maintenance company needs to service the elevator more frequently. The lift maintenance company also needs to be on the lookout for parts that are about to breakdown and needs to have spares in its arsenal to keep the lift availability to a maximum. At Tesla Lifts, not only do we carry spare parts for our own lifts, we also maintain an arsenal of the most common spare parts and boards required for all other Australian lift suppliers. Please refer to this article by Poly Technic University in HongKong on Lift maintenance for more information.

The cheaper models are particularly susceptible to just giving up the ghost now and again, which is part of the reason why we here at TESLA LIFTS only work with the highest-quality brands in the industry.

As well as repairing lifts when they break down to a degree, it’s also important to perform regular, scheduled maintenance on your lift as a way of keeping tabs on the machine and figuring out whether something’s not working sooner rather than later.

Which Parts of the Elevator Can Need Repairing?

There are a few different main parts of any lift that can fall into disrepair or require maintenance.

    Lift Maintenance – Works in the Machine Room

    As the nerve center for an older style elevator, the machine room is a particularly important piece of the overall mechanical puzzle and contains the hoisting machines, power supply, and control equipment. The machine room typically requires regular maintenance, and most of the routine repair procedures will be carried out here. Note, in newer style traction lifts, the machine room doesn’t exist, and those parts are in the hoistway/shaft or are built into it.

    Lift Maintenance -Works in the Elevator Car

    The elevator car is what transports passengers and/or freight up and down the elevator shaft. The flooring in the elevator car gets a lot of traffic, and so should be replaced more often than flooring elsewhere in the building. It’s important to use non-flammable materials when performing maintenance on the elevator car, in order to stay consistent with the rest of the structure which is completely fire-resistant.

    Lift Maintenance – Works in the Lift Shaft

    The hoistway is the part of the lift that contains the guide rails, corridor doors, hangers, operating mechanisms, switches, spaces for cables and other equipment, and more. If repairs are required in the hoistway, care must be taken to ensure that the repairman is highly skilled as working in the hoistway can be dangerous.

    When Should You Carry Out Maintenance & Repairs?

    Lift Maintenance – How do I decide the service frequency?

    Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to carry out standard maintenance on a regular basis, according to a schedule that will vary depending on the elevator model in question and its usage. It also often makes sense to carry out what’s known in the industry as preventive maintenance, which basically involves taking steps to lubricate various mechanisms and ensure everything is functioning smoothly before anything starts to show signs of going wrong.

    This is a great way to supplement the regular maintenance schedule and play a part in preventing problems from snowballing without your being aware of it.

    What about Lift Repairs?

    Repairs, on the other hand, are carried out when something has already gone seriously wrong and the elevator is either no longer safe to use or not working at all. Repairs needn’t be the end of the world, and in many cases a professional outfit like ours will be able to diagnose the problem and get the work done without any wasted time.

    If constant repairs are required due to numerous parts breaking down, it can also be a good opportunity to consider modernizing your current lift, which could help you save money as well as hassle in the long run. If you’d like to learn more about modernization, click here.

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