What Are DDA Lift Solutions?

DDA Lift Solutions for Public Buildings 

Tesla Limited Mobility Access Electric Lift is the solution to applications which cater to persons with limited mobility or disability. The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) is an important piece of legislation which makes it illegal for public places to be inaccessible to those with disabilities or limited mobility issues. This list of places used by the public is extensive, and includes:

  • Educational institutions
  • Restaurants, cafes, and pubs
  • Salons and hairdressers
  • Hospitals, surgeries, and clinics
  • All government-run service
  • Theatres, cinemas, galleries, and other places of entertainment
  • Government offices
  • Shopping centres and department stores
  • Public swimming pools, parks, and toilets

DDA lift solutions are ways to ensure that everybody has equal access to the services we all enjoy in society. By choosing a trusted supplier like TESLA LIFTS to partner with for your DDA lift needs, you’ll be taking advantage of years of experience in the area.

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    Things to Consider When Choosing a DDA Lift Solution

    In addition to the quality of the elevator itself, there are some other considerations to take into account when you set about choosing the perfect lift for your needs. For example, any and all lift buttons must be within easy reach of wheelchair users. Similarly, lifts must be easily audible, and the arrival and departure should be marked by their own distinctive tone to allow for users with difficulty hearing.


    The most important aspect of any DDA lift is functionality. Because the elevator will be playing such an important role in helping those with limited mobility perform their daily tasks, it needs to work consistently, and it needs to work well. Being able to provide all of a building’s users with a lift that will take care of their needs no matter what happens is something we’re passionate about.

    For example, we recently installed a Tesla Limited Mobility Access Electric Lift in a hotel which had a function centre upstairs. Given that DDA lifts are for people with limited mobility and not for general use, we had to make sure we could cater to as many users as possible. The solution we provided meant that even if the hotel had several wheelchair users at once, they would still be able to guarantee 100% safety in every scenario. The DDA lift was so functional that getting everybody up and down — or out, in the case of a blackout — was a breeze.

    DDA lift solutions are ways to ensure that everybody has equal access to the services we all enjoy in society. By choosing a trusted supplier like TESLA LIFTS to partner with for your DDA lift needs, you’ll be taking advantage of years of experience in the area.

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    Blackout Protection – Tesla DDA – Tesla Limited Mobility Access Electric Lift

    Related to the concept of reliability but not quite the same, blackout protection is a crucial consideration to keep in mind when choosing a DDA lift solution. Our modern lifts offer backup measures to ensure that even in the case of a power outage, users with mobility issues won’t be left helpless.

    One example of an Tesla Limited Mobility Access Electric Lift that fits this bill is the Tesla DDA lift. Tesla DDA Lift runs on batteries in the same way that a mobile phone runs on batteries — it works while it’s plugged in, but it also works while the power source is removed — which means that even in the case of a sudden power outage, nothing will change in how it runs. This cutting edge energy system works so smoothly, in fact, that you wouldn’t even know the power was out before you stepped out of the lift and tried to turn on a light. You can find out more about Tesla DDA Lift here [link to brochure]. Alternatively, send us a message advising us about your current situation, and we can walk you through whether the Tesla DDA Lift is a good choice or not. If not, we’ll be able to recommend a better model for your project’s needs from our extensive range.


    Perhaps the most important aspect of all with regards to DDA lift solutions is the reliability of the elevator in question. Owing to the nature of its users, a DDA elevator needs to be ultra-dependable in order to make sure nobody ever gets stranded on their own.

    Not all elevators were created equal, with some being markedly more reliable than others. Because of the importance of reliability in providing DDA lift solutions, we’ve moved away from traditional hydraulic lifts and towards the more modern MRL traction lifts. Not only are there fewer problems to contend with — say goodbye to leaky valves and seals, for example — the maintenance costs that are necessary are a fraction of what comparable hydraulic lifts would involve. Please feel free to view our in-depth comparison between the two types of elevators on our linkedin article. 

    What Do We Offer?

    We’ve been helping governmental and commercial projects alike meet their DDA accessibility needs for more than eleven years. Throughout that time, we’ve increased the amount of research we do into elevator models and suppliers, focusing on only working with the very best brands in the industry. We do this to take the guesswork out of providing elevators to our customers, allowing them to trust fully that the product they end up with is of the very finest quality Europe and Asia have to offer.

    Our extensive experience providing DDA lift solutions allows us to guarantee our customers that only the latest technologies and most dependable elevator models will be used to meet their needs. We’re committed to helping Australians enjoy the level of equal access and opportunity they deserve, and we’re proud of the work we do to make that goal a reality.

    Among the lifts we offer are the 1m Steplift & the 2m Steplift. Here’s a little more information on each:

    Classic 1m Steplift

    The Classic 1m Steplift is a hydraulic elevator which can be deployed in both internal and external situations. Designed to move as quietly as possible between levels in order to ensure that safe and reliable access is always provided, the Classic 1m Steplift is as stylish as it is technologically advanced.

    A capacity of up to 280kg — as well as its suitability for both domestic and public access — makes this model one of the most exciting DDA-friendly lifts on the market. As safe as it is reliable, it can be used for either wheelchair or ambulant users, and provides enough room for an attendant to accompany the user.

    Limited Mobility Access lift Disabled Access Lift Cabin - Stainless Steel

    Independence Steplift

    The Independence Steplift can handle a load of up to 500kg, and comes in two different makes, for both 2 metre and 3 metre purposes. There’s plenty of room for customizability on account of the numerous platform sizes and configurations, which means that you’ll have no trouble choosing a system that suits both your needs and the amount of space you have available.

    With a quiet battery operation that helps to provide silky-smooth transit — not to mention an integrated pump unit designed to cut down on the risk of vandalism — it promises consistently high-quality service that’ll go the distance. The Independence Steplift is also designed with change in mind, given that it can be easily relocated if a new location is required, while the gates can also be rehanded to open in either direction. Like the Classic Steplift above, the Independence works for internal and external deployments, and can be installed in homes and public spaces alike.

    TESLA LIFTS — Australia’s Choice for DDA Lift Solutions

    Serving customers throughout Greater Melbourne — as well as Brisbane and the Gold Coast — TESLA LIFTS offers industry-leading DDA solutions for any and all types of buildings that require them.

    We can also help to modernise an existing lift solution, which can often be a more cost-effective way of dealing with the problem than simply replacing it. You can learn more about the modernisation advice we provide on this page, and you can reach out to us for a free quote on your next project by clicking here. All we need from you are the lift specifications or the architectural drawings, and we’ll get back to you right away with our best possible offer.

    Contact us now for your next Tesla Limited Mobility Access Electric Lift

    We also offer a 24/7 callout service to all of our customers. If you’d like some more information about any aspect of the DDA lift solutions we provide, feel free to get in touch. One of our friendly, experienced team members will answer any queries or questions you may have.

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