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What is a Limited Mobility Access (LMA) or Disabled Access Lift?

Disabled Access Lift – Compliance to Australian Regulations

Disabled Access Lift or Limited Mobility Access (LMA) Lift is a category of lift that is predominantly used in applications which tend to be primarily used by persons with limited mobility. These lifts are used in applications such as schools, child care and aged care centres. These lifts in Australia need to comply with the following standards

Limited Mobility Lifts can be either Hydraulic or MRL Electric traction lifts. MRL Electric traction lifts are preferred by modern architects and clients as they require lesser space and power. Disabled access MRL Electric lifts are also much quieter in comparison to their Hydraulic counter parts. These lifts also come in a range of different finishes that include laminate walls in any choice of RAL colour, linished stainless steel walls and colour-back glass to name a few.

Disabled Access Lift – Tesla Lifts are Blackout Proof

Tesla LMA lifts are DC battery powered Electric MRL traction lifts. Tesla lifts has used its innovation in battery technology to make this lift blackout proof. Our Disabled Access lifts can travel up to 30 times even in the event of a power failure. This makes our lifts resistant to power fluctuations and surges that normally tend to affect the hydraulic lifts.

Energy Efficient and Eco friendly

These lifts are also highly efficient, they consume on average around 300Watts of power. This is in stark contrast to Hydraulic lifts and other MRL Electric lifts that consume around 7,000W of power on average. Just to put this into perspective, a hair-dryer consumes around 1,500W of power. Our lifts consume the same amount of power as a desktop monitor or a small bar fridge.

This is the reason the Tesla Disabled Access Lift is the preferred elevator by a lot of architects, builders and developers.

Limited Mobility Access

Imagine if a person with limited mobility is stuck on level 3 of a building during a power outage, a hydraulic lift or other standard MRL Electric lifts will be out of service and will not be able to transport the person to the Ground floor.

However, a Tesla Limited Mobility access lift will not only be able to transport this person, it will also be able to transport persons to different levels up to 30 times!

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